Tim Mikkelsen's Raspberry Pi Projects


2022-05 Mini Mac Plus emulator


John Leake, co-host of the RetroMacCast, crafted a 1/3 scale miniature replica of the Mac Plus (via Cult of Mac). The computer, which he calls the "Mini Mac", is made from a Raspberry Pi, PVC, and a Linux-based Mac emulator running System 6.

Times have changed and technology has moved on. Smaller, cheaper components and new fabrication methods have made the process far easier. I was able to make a smaller, cheaper and simpler version. You will need access to a 3d printer for the case. All the other parts are readily available.

I found that my Lulzbot printed better than my Creality 3 Pro. Especially on the front.

The emulator at the heart of this works great.  You can run many different versions of the old Mac OS.  I am using 7.5.5.  And there are many games and applications available.