Tim Mikkelsen's Arduino Projects


2023/03 Pill minder


I modified my Nokia LCD/GPS clock to become a pill remind for my grandson.

The display shows:




     pill alarm (also lights an LED)

     message line (holidays, birthdays, etc.)


  - Sparkfun DEV-11114  - an Arduino Pro Mini 8Mhz/3.3V   (or a regular Arduino Sparkfun DEV-12757)

  - Sparkfun DEV-09873  - FTDI Basic Breakout (to program the Pro Mini if used)

  - Sparkfun LCD-10168  - a Nokia 5110 84x48 graphic LCD display

  - Sparkfun GPS-13470  - a GPS Receiver - GP-20U7

  - Sparkfun COM-09806 - one 10k trimpot

  - one piezo electric buzzer

  - one LED

  - various resistors

  - 6v 200ma wall power supply

Total parts cost: Approximately $50

Arduino Nokia LCD pill code


Nokia LCD Data Sheet

GPS GP-20U7 Data Sheet

Arduino Data Sheet

   A few comments:

1. Again, the GPS receiver wires were very fragile.

2. I used a trimpot for adjusting timezone.  It is possible to adjust it based on longitude.  However, because of the weird nature of time zones, you'd still need to have a +/-1 adjustment and I didn't think it was worth the effort