Tim Mikkelsen's Arduino Projects


2020/03 Nokia LCD incubator


During the Coronavirus pandemic, while I was at home, I wanted to do some cultures.  I made some agar and designed this incubator.  It drives a relay to turn on and off a light bulb.  The Nokia display is really optional and not needed for the project.  I used an UNO board because it was handy and I expect the project to be short term.  

The temperature settings are hard-coded in the Arduino sketch.  I have it set to keep the inculbator between 28 and 34 degrees Celsius.

A fancier one could be built using a fan in addition to the light bulb.  Also, this could be built as a very minimal Arduino mini and just the temperature sensor and relay.


  - Arduino UNO or RedBoard or equivalent     (Sparkfun DEV-13975)

  - TMP 102 digital temperature sensor            (Sparkfun SEN-13314)

  - Nokia 5110 graphic 84x48 LCD display       (Sparkfun LCD-10168)

  - 9v wall power supply or equivalent              (Sparkfun TOL-15314)

  - 1 channel relay modulw or equivalent         (All Electronics CAT # RLM1)

  - 1x 330 ohm resistor

Total parts cost: Approximately $40

Nokia incubator