Tim Mikkelsen's Arduino Projects


2017/07 Remote platform temp / humidity


Given my previous temperature/humidity sensor, I wanted to build a platform with some switches to set the IP address/port number so I didn't have to reprogram each device.  This is an extension of the previous code that reads the dip switches (giving me 8 devices) and allows me to set it to my home network IP addresses or my cabin IP addresses.

The web page that gets served up has the temperature (in farenheit and celsius) and humidity (in percent).

I did remove the LEDs, but they can be added in.  I have a Lulzbot 3d printer and printed up some specific NodeMCU/DHT11 boxes.  They are very good but not a total fit.  But they do make it all look nicer.  Kudos to the designer of the model: KowenHouston.


  - HiLetgo New Version NodeMCU LUA WiFi Internet ESP8266

  - DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor


  - power supply

Total parts cost: Approximately $20

NodeMCU remote platform code