Scots Mile Productions

2004-05 The Dance

This project was a fun project where in addition to producing and directing it, I wrote the script and cast the actors and crew from the local high schools.

The course of true love doesn't normally follow a straight line.  And it doesn't have regularly scheduled stops at high schools, as most students who suffer there can attest.  'stories from a cell phone: The Dance' briefly follows the arc of confusion around two teenagers interest in going to a high school dance together.

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Production details

Duration:     15 minutes

Cameras:     Canon GL1, Canon XL1, other Canons

Recording:   MiniDV tape

Format:       4x3 SD (720x480)

Audio:         Stereo

Edit suite:    Final Cut Pro



Producer/Director:      Tim Mikkelsen

Assistant Directors:     Jon Falbo, Ben Mikkelsen

Screenplay:                 Tim Mikkelsen

Additional dialog:        Amanda Milner, Jon Falbo,

                                   Megan Wolfelt, Eve Hersh,

                                   Jared Diehl

Cast:                           Ashley:     Megan Wolfelt

                                   Michael:     Jared Diehl

                                   Daniel:     Shea Lefebvre

                                   Nicole:     Eve Hersh

                                   Brittany:     Laura Lashley

Crew:                         Julie Brokish, Katia Cedrath-Smith,

                                  Jonathan Fanning, Austin Werth

Project Sheet