Scots Mile Productions

About Scots Mile

I have a passion for movies, film, and video.  Scots Mile Productions is my outlet and home for these film and video efforts.

I watched my father and his interest in 8mm film when I was young.  My first real experience with video was in college when I produced a short instructional video for a friend.  I loved it...  and had rediscovered this love in the late 1990s.  I jumped in with a Canon GL1 camcorder, a Mac Pro computer, and version 1 of Final Cut Pro for editing.  

The Afghanistan: the cries of a nation documentary was my first major video project.  It had a lot of rough edges, but it was shown at the Independent Filmmakers Showcse (Loveland, July 2002) and again at the ARPA International Film Festival (Hollywood, August 2004).  "Marriage Dialogues" was my first feature length project which I completed in late 2005.  It was shown locally on KBDI Public Television station out of Boulder in the fall of 2007.

About me

My name is Tim Mikkelsen and am from Missouri Valley, Iowa.  After college, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 1977 and it is home.  I have 2 grown children - Amanda and Ben, with my late wife Virginia, and three grandchildren, Giovanni, Bishop, and Matilda.  And I have added 3 more grown step children - Jill, Paul, and Leah with my wife Sharon.

I received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science and an MBA.  I spent the majority of my professional career in R&D, software, and management.  Starting in 1977, I worked at HP during better days and quit in 2001 and joined Agilent where I retired in 2013.  I had done some consulting for Keysight for a few years, but am now re-retired.  And I'm looking forward to more independent film work...

What's a Scots Mile?

According to the Appendix of Useful Information for Daily Life in Pre-1650 Re-Enactment Groups, a Scots mile is 1,984 yards.  Other sources refer to a Scots mile being an imperial mile and one eighth.  The 'Scots' preamble implies bigger, longer, more, going a bit beyond...  I like that...