Scots Mile Productions

Not that it's easy...

I love the creative and technical aspects of all of independent filmmaking...  One of the things that has been a big surprise is the difficulty in getting good audio.  The cinematography and framing and lighting do take serious effort, but that was not unexpected.  What surprised me was that I've spent more time getting the audio right.

Tools and Forms:

To make things easier, I have created a collection of documents and forms:

Making Documentaries

Video shoot checklist

Video shoot lighting

Video shoot aesthetics

Storyboard form

Project form

Release form

Tim's 30 minute film school:

I've put together a short powerpoint presentation on doing a project.  I've given this a few times to help people trying to do a small project on their own.

Tim's 30 minute film school

Copyright and Fair Use:

It can be a challenge during filming because of background images and music:

Fair Use on YouTube

Photo Copyright 101