Tim Mikkelsen's

Professional Information


Beyond software, per se, I have been involved in computing generally during college and throughout my career.  This involved:

- Computer architecture

- Embedded system design and development

- System memory management

My publications in general computing are:

- The "Embedded Computers in Electronic Instruments" chapter in the third edition of Clyde Coombs' Electronic Instrument Handbook published in 1999 by McGraw-Hill.  The book is available from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Instrument-Handbook-Coombs-1999-09-24/dp/B01A1LYC92

- A Bit Slice Microprocessor Based Page Replacement Controller for the Symbol 2R Computer System.  Iowa State University research thesis published in 1977.

A quick note about the Symbol 2R Computer...  This was a research computer at Iowa State that ISU acquired from Fairchild.  The 7400 dual in-line (DIP) format package was developed for this system, as I remember.  It was a multi-user, non-heterogenous, multi-processor, direct execution high-level language computer with built in 99 digit decimal math.  (That's a mouthful!)  Basically, the Algol-like language, the math, the operating systems, etc. were all implemented in hardware (out of 7400 family integrated circuits).  It was an interesting and amazing machine.  It pushed the limits of PC board construction (at the time) and needed to be powered up constantly because the heating and cooling of cycling the power would cause micro-cracks in the large circuit boards - which were a terror to track down and fix.