Scots Mile Productions

2002-04 Afghanistan

A friend from work, Huma Babak, had come from Afghanistan as a refuge with her family when she was about 12 years old.  They came over after her father had been killed by the Russians.  

After the terrorist attack on 9-11, she wanted to do something for the Afghan refuges in Pakistan.  She put together a fund-raising effort and ultimately went to Pakistan to ensure the relief got to the actual refugees.  She shot photos and videos.  

When she got back, she approached me about doing a video.  This turned into a 35 minute fund-raising video (with another 55 minutes of video archives).  

This was my first really serious project and it was a great learning process for me.  After I completed Huma's version, I created a 12 minute version.  

I submitted this to various film festivals and it was accepted at a local Loveland film festival and also at the ARPA Film Festival (which is focused on diaspora and exile) in Hollywood.

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Production details

Duration:     12 minutes

Cameras:     Canon GL1, Canon XL1, various

Recording:   MiniDV tape

Format:       4x3 SD (720x480)

Audio:         Stereo and 5.1 surround (on DVD)

Edit suite:    Final Cut Pro