Scots Mile Productions

2018-11 Norman Fry Country

Some friends put me in touch with some history tours of the Poudre Canyon.  These turned out to be fascinating.  I agreed to do some documentary/oral history videos for them.  

Norman Fry Country was the second of these videos.

Norman Walter Fry, born in England in 1872, came to Colorado in 1889 to learn ranching and to make his way in the world. He succeeded and made a lasting impact in the Poudre Canyon and left an amazing legacy. A personal history of Norman, his wife Maud, his life-long friend Mookie, and their other friends and family are related by Sue Schneider and Sandra Lundt.

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Production details

Duration:     40 minutes

Cameras:     Canon XA20 & XA30, Vixia

                   GoPro Karma,  Nikon 7000

Recording:   miniSD card

Format:       16x9 HD (1980x1080)

Audio:         Stereo

Edit suite:    Final Cut Pro X