Scots Mile Productions

2008-09 a place just like this

This project was a fun project with my son, daughter, and son-in-law.  

One of the interesting aspects was trying to get the initial shot with a steady-cam while not getting my image in a mirror...  I had to fix it in post-production.

It is a comedy/horror piece along the lines of a Night Gallery episode...

A man is trapped helping his significant-other go dress shopping.  The poor wretch is bored beyond belief until another fellow shows up.  But the new fellow is not there for dress shopping...

Click here to download/watch...

Production details

Duration:     5 minutes

Cameras:     Sony HVR-Z1U, HDR-FX1

Recording:   MiniDV tape

Format:       16x9 HD (1980x1080)

Audio:         Stereo

Edit suite:    Final Cut Pro

Other:         Tiffen Merlin Steadicam with vest rig



Producer/Director:      Tim Mikkelsen

Screenplay:                 Tim Mikkelsen

Cast:                           The Host: Ben Mikkelsen

                                   The Doomed: Jon Falbo

                                   The Voice: Mandy Falbo



Production Notes